About us

Your health is our nature!

Lavinchi aims to develop and sell pure and honest products with a guaranteed quality. This is supported by education and training as we also try to create a greater awareness of the positive effect of natural products on humans as well as animals. These for body and mind beneficial products, most of them from organic origin, form a healthy alternative to traditional and often harmful products. This “natural aim” is closely related to the philosophy behind Lavinchi: the balance between body, mind and soul, the three sides of the true Chi or life energy.



The leading market position of Lavinchi in the field of essential oils is based on guaranteed quality. A genuine quality guarantee can only be given when a firm controls basic production, processing, distribution and sale. Quality is the first and foremost concern at Lavinchi. Quality of the basic products, quality of the storage and processing, of packaging and in distribution. In short from producer to consumer.

We can guarantee the quality of our product because since our start in 1979 we have carefully selected their suppliers: experienced and knowledgeable
distillers, ecological oriented crop-growers and wild herbs gathering oldtimers with whom we have established good relations. We also keep in close contact with scientists in the field of application of essential oils for health purposes. We purchase as much as we can directly from producers to ensure of fresh, pure and genuine oils.


The incoming oils are stored in glass containers to exclude whatever chance of contamination. They are checked against previously received samples which are kept in case of later verification. All Lavinchi products are being processed and packed at their own premises. All bottles have pilfer-proof caps and their labels carry coded data on origin, lot and date of processing. The addition of the Latin name prevents misunderstanding as to the exact type of oil.

Lavinchi selects their suppliers with great care and know-how. Information about their crop-growing procedures, their equipment, way and means of storage, their know-how, experience and trustworthiness are scrutinized and periodically verified. They are being visited regularly and the exchange of data results in improvement of quality. We distinguish ourselves from our colleagues in one or more of the following points:

• Thorough know-how of the products they handle, from producer to application.
• Direct supply from the producer.
• Close verification of used plant material: ecological grown, wild or cultivated
• Processing of the oils under their own control and at their own premises.

• Coded information on each label concerning type, origin, crop and processing.
• Capped bottles, separate dropper for exact measuring
• Survey-able and handy shelf and display containers.
• Fresh wares due to quick turn-over.

Quality has its price

Real 100% pure, unadulterated and undiluted essential oils of the highest quality cannot be cheap – the collection, cultivation, production and inspections are too time-consuming for that. To give you an idea: one drop of rose oil requires the distillation of 200 hand-picked roses.
Higher concentrations ensure that less oil needs to be applied when used. The good price-quality ratio makes the oils in our product range both attractive and attainable for the majority of people.
Before buying an essential oil, people should think twice to consider whether it is pure or not. Oil that has been mixed, diluted or watered down has little or no therapeutic value and can even pose a health risk. You will find no synthetic preparations in our range.