Natural Skincare

Superskin oils: Pure Plant Power!

Vegetable oils -such as jojoba argan oil- contain vitamin E and essential fatty acids which soften, nourish and protect our skin just like they do in seeds, nuts and fruit. The skin easily absorbs the vegetable oil because of its close similarity to sebum: the skin’s natural oil.

The vegetable oil can be used as carrier oil to get an added essential oil (or other active oil-soluble ingredients) deeper into the skin. Mixing the oil with water means the oil can be absorbed into the skin even better. This is why water and oil are traditionally added to creams. To combine oil and water in a cream and then preserve it, emulsifiers and preservatives have to be added. These do not contain any nutrients for the skin and can in fact be harmful to the skin. For this reason, we have opted to keep the water the oil components separate in the Superskin oils, as this will ensure that all the ingredients remain active and sparkling.

The balance of water and oil can be decided individually depending on what the skin requires at that precise moment in time. This can depend on skin type, day or night care, the season and the skin’s condition and constitution. The idea is to use the skin oil together with water or hydrosols: the best time to apply the Superskin oil is right after a wash when skin is damp, so you trap the moisture on its surface. Your skin will have to get used to this new skin care routine, but once it is, it won’t want anything else.